General Renovations

For anything else in your house, whether it be fences & decks, living rooms, bars, or fireplaces. MLI will take the time to let you know what we can do for you. If you take the time to review our galleries, you will soon hope to be among our satisfied customers.

Why Choosing Us !

Part of what makes MLI unique is the fact that we fabricate all of our custom cabinets and bars in-house. Not only does this insure quality, but it also helps to fulfill the timeline better so that you can have your room back faster. We enjoy the challenge of how roomy we can make a space look. It always surprises us, and we are sure it will surprise you how spacious a small room can seem. After all, your space may not be what it seems. From commercial offices to personal bedrooms to basement developments, our crews can work wonders on your space. Our favorite part of the process is when we are able to pack up our equipment and see the smile on a customer’s face upon seeing the completed project. You might be surprised on how we are able to turn a concrete wall into something beautiful.

Meet Matt, the founder of MLI who is a master electrician with over 10 years of experience. Matt’s father was also a custom home builder for much of his life. This means that Matt had grown up throughout his life around the art of home renovation. Being around the trade for so many years gave a motivated kick-start to matt’s career in custom home renovation. It was determined very early in life that construction and renovation was in Matt’s blood.

Quality and satisfaction are always our two highest priorities at our company. For any questions about what MLI can do for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always excited for the opportunity to do something different and we look forward to getting to know our new customers!

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